Get Involved

Volunteerism is central to our mission of improving the quality of life for vulnerable populations in Westchester County. FSSY volunteers’ compassion, dedication and generous spirits are imperative – today and every day — to successfully provide the following programs and services


Become an Intergenerational Academic Support Mentor/Tutor

Do you want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of at-risk students who need extra help with reading, math or other academic subjects?  Would you like to share your time and wisdom with students and have students share their insights with you?  Then join our team of Intergenerational Academic Support Mentors.  When you take part in this mutually rewarding program, you make a positive and lasting impact on at-risk students who need extra support during and after school with their literacy and language arts skills, as well as completing their general academic assignments.

Join the GrandPower Advocacy Project

Do you want to encourage change in policies that impact you and other as a kinship caregivers?  Do you want to become an influential voice and leader in your community?  Then become a FSSY GrandPower Advocate.  When you take part in this empowering project, you gain the confidence and skills needed to share your story as a kinship caregiver with local lawmakers and advocate on behalf of kinship families in Westchester County about issues related to financial benefits, social services, and more.

We were reading a book called “Granny Torelli Makes Soup,” which is about a grandmother who makes soup with her granddaughter and her friend and who dispenses a lot of wisdom and emotional support along the way. Two weeks into reading the story, Lila looked at me and said, “When I look at you I think you’re Granny Torelli,” which I thought was really sweet.

— FSSY Intergenerational Academic Support Mentor